The first International Workshop on Micropiles was held in Seattle in 1997 and was attended by a strong delegation from Japan, Europe and North America. Subsequent workshops were held in Ube, Japan (1999); Turku, Finland (2000); Venice, Italy (2002); Seattle, WA (2003); and Tokyo, Japan (2004). Following incorporation, ISM has held numerous additional workshops. Between 50 and 100 members have participated actively in the workshops. Official workshop proceedings have been developed for each of the workshops and are available through the Publications page on this website.

The Workshops provide an opportunity for members to meet, present and exchange data, and share experiences and developments on a relatively informal basis. Workshops include technical presentations covering regional states-of-practice; advancements of micropile construction, materials, research and development; and educational/promotional activities. Having the luxury of focusing on micropiles solely, the technical content of the workshops is more detailed than may be offered reasonably at more general engineering events, which cover a range of technologies.

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